Pricing and Steps for a Painting Commission 

If working from life, we will schedule work sessions and photographs may be taken for studio work time.  If working only from photographs, we will meet to discuss the painting. Frequently images must be adjusted to add light or color to create an attractive painting.  It is often the case that I am given several photographs to complete one work (especially when several subjects are involved.) 

After agreement of subject, price, and size of painting, a straightforward contract is signed and sketches begin.  A down payment  of 50% is given at the time of contract signing.  Upon approval of the sketch, painting begins.  Works can be expected to take anywhere from two weeks to three months to complete, depending on Rebecca's schedule and the scale of the painting.

The cost of a painting varies based on size, subjects, positioning of subjects and background.  Once initial discussions are underway, Rebecca can give a reasonable estimate.  General pricing is as follows (but may vary depending on aforementioned details):

Head or Bust, simple background: $400 - $700
One person, simple background: $800 - $1,500
2-3 People in simple background: $1,200 - 2,500

Shipping or trip fees are not included in these prices.  Rebecca will assist with frame selection if you are located near or visit the Charlottesville, VA area.

I have a special interest in spiritual paintings, having been trained by multi-generation Santero Theresa Montoyo in New Mexico.  Retablos are paintings of saints on wood that have existed in the west for hundreds of years.  These are used for their healing energy and typically ordered for protection or help.  I create pieces for people with mental illness, sick children, difficult court cases, doctors, cooks, home protection, actors, healthy farm animals, happy marriages, against procrastination, for travelers, wealth and more.  

Retablo prices start at $45 for a 5x7 or 6x8 painting.  Wood cuts and sizes can vary, and large, multi-saint works can also be created.  Rebecca can also paint on cabinet doors, or other wooden objects per request. 


Oil and Watercolor Portrait Artist

Charlottesville, Virginia